Z-Wave reliability

Are there any known issues with z-wave devices not reliably reporting to HASS?

I just started out with HASS a few days ago with a simple setup of 2 hue bulbs and a z-wave motion sensor. The bulbs work reliably, but the sensor is not reporting its state reliably to HASS. It reports its state in HASS incorrectly more than it does correctly. Usually it will switch from off to on properly once and then get stuck and stop reporting after that.

The sensor is working properly when viewed in the ozwcp, but just not integrating well with HASS.

Is it possible something was not set up correctly? Missing a config parameter? I just added the zwave usb_path in the config and thats it.

Hoping I can get this figured out, home automation isn’t really going to work out if it isn’t reliable.