Z-Wave renaming node and changing node config options not working and non persistent


After updating to homeassistant 0.65.5 renaming node of z-wave devices is no longer working.
Also setting node options aren’t persistent anymore.
Node options from some nodes can’t be set, as the list is empty.

How to debug?

I’m running on Raspberry Pi 3:

HomeAssistant v0.65.5
Hass.io supervisor v0.98
Host System Host controller v1.3

Can I easy downgrade to 0.64? or is there a fix for 0.65.5?

How to debug?

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With the introduction of the entity registry in 0.63, Home Assistant is making sure that the same devices always receive the same entity IDs. As from 0.65 users can change the name of a device from the frontend. Changing the name will be instantly applied and overrides whatever name the device is given by the integration. If you want to switch back to the name from the integration, set the name to blank.

This feature is, just like the entity registry, only available for integrations that provide unique IDs for their entities. Adding this to each integration is still a work in progress.

Naming is stored in in file entity_registry.yaml.

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I understand, I did delete the zwcfg_0xf2c06195.xml and entity_registry.yaml restarted and started all over.
So 1 problem (feature) I understand now.
There is still 1 problem left, why aren’t there any options to set anymore for some of the z-wave devices? (Configuration -> Z-Wave -> Z-Wave Node Management -> Select Node -> Click on Config Parameter under Node config options) Nothing happens, no list with settable options.
Other nodes are no problem, before update I could set options for all of my nodes…
I did try to exclude and include the failing node again, also have I reset the device (30 sec long press connect button on z-wave node).
What else can I try?

Same here. I’m unable to set config options for any of my zwave nodes. I’ve only started using zwave recently, so I don’t know if it worked in an earlier release, or when it stopped working. But other people seem to think that it should work (For example: Zwave: On vs Off vs Level)

Seeing the same thing on 0.64.2. Is this a known bug or is there a fix for it? Would changing the value in the zwcfg.yaml change the config parameter?

What version of open-zwave do you have? I was having this problem when I was running open-zwave bult from the 1.4.164 tarball. I recently rebuilt it using the a git clone from the source repository (so it’s some version of 1.5) and now it’s working for me. I haven’t gone back and verified that switching to 1.4 will cause
the problem to recur, but it seems like a plausible hypothesis that moving to the newer openzwave fixed the problem.

I’m on Open Z-Wave 1.5 (built from Dev branch) and I am no longer able to set the parameters. I’ve been using the Dev branch for a while now. The only thing that changed is that I upgraded to 0.67. I haven’t changed the Z-Wave config params for past few versions, so I’m not sure when the regression occurred. Any thoughts as to what could be the issue?

Just for one more data point…I had it working a few days ago in HA, but it’s not working now. I think the only thing changed was upgrading from 0.66.x to 0.67.0. BUT I’m still able to set the config parameters with ozwcp (bullt with Open Z-Wave 1.5). So, those two facts lead me to believe that the problem is related to HA 0.67.

The latest update 0.67.1 fixes this issue.

Thanks! Yes, updating to 0.67.1 seems to have done the trick!