Z-wave repeater mode OOO

Have Fibaro Walli switch and cannot get the repeater working. Repeter is working on my Walli devices originally configured with HC3. After inclusion with Aotec v.5 together with Z-waveJS repeater not working. I have inclusion done in secure mode where setup asks the code -could this be the problem or what? I red that some have had this working with open Z-wave, but don’t want to hassle with that. I’m new with HA and don’t know much what must be done under the hood…hope someone could help, tks.

Could you let me know what you mean by “repeater”? All non-battery-powered Z-wave devices should repeat (re-transmit) data from other devices as part of the mesh networking. Is that what you are referring to?

Thanks for reply David. That is correct! For some reason these are not connected while HA is offline. This was working well with HC3. I have a dozen of Walli switches and dimmers connected into same HA.Currently I have removed everything from the old HC3 system and running clean on with HA.