Z-Wave Repeater - no security w/ S2 Unauthenticated

I have some Honeywell Z-wave Thermostats and a Leviton light switch. The thermostats connect S2 Unauthenticated and the switch has no security.

Does the switch repeat the secure signal since it has no security?

I bought the switch since it is zwave so I can repeat the signal and make it to the Dead zone down the hall where the thermostat is.

I have two other thermostats currently working just great (I work at a school). I can’t get this one up though. I can take it off the wall and it connects, but then when I take it to the last room it disconnects.

Thanks for the help!

What are you doing to force it to take a new route at that point? You may have moved it too far so that it can’t find any of the neighbors it saw previously - without logs it’s impossible to tell. You can try moving it halfway to the destination - force a repair on the end device, THEN move it to the destination and see if it stays on the wire.

That said -I always pair in place UNLESS the device must be done with S0 whisper mode or it’s a non-plus 300 chip device that wont pair through repeaters. THe 6320ZW comes in a 2003 and 2007 variant and both should be Zwave Plus. Have you tried that instead?

Well let me try again, it is a bit of a pain to change all the settings on it because to reconnect it to zwave I have to reset the device.

The reason I want to do this is because the signal goes in and out on it and I have a light switch that it is not using that could repeat the signal.

I understand the condition - you have no logs to tell us what’s happening. What I described is the most LIKELY candidate. Happens all the time.

For better info - what version of Zwave are you using? ( built in JS or the JS_UI add-in )
Why?(knowing you are managing a business with this -I would HIGHLY recommend the JSUI add-in as there are recently revised troubleshooting tools (including signal info, maps and repaid diagnostics that could tell you EXACTLY whats happening)

How far is the switch from your coordinator stick, How far is the thermo from that switch? How far is the thermo from the coordinator? What is the construction type of the walls between nodes?

JS_UI, switch is probably about 100ft from the coordinator, Metal studs and Metal junction boxes. Thermostat is probably 72ft ± from the switch.

I was testing it and it works fine in the auditorium where it is located when I place it where it goes (around a corner) it goes dead. It looks like it is just a matter of adding some more repeaters.

Thanks for Helping me out. I’ll just continue to add thermostats since each acts as a repeater. The mesh network should get me down the hall. I still have 5-10 more thermostats to install.

Yes, it is a long building

Yep - I use no more than 30’ between nodes in us baloon frame residential drywall on stud. I’ve only done metal studs once but you might as well be in a faraday cage in some of those spots. You’re probably going to have to dot at least two maybe three for backup purposes to hit 75’ with metal studs…

EDIT: And to add - for absolute certainty - if you try to put a GE heavy duty switch in a grounded stainless steel enclosure it WILL NOT work :smiley:


Good to know!

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I have a bunch of those Honeywell T6s while they can work reliably they do require automations to get the temperature reporting regularly and filters for the bad humidity data it periodically sends. Also pay attention to the amount of RX/TX failures they report in the zwavejsui statistics.

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