Z wave repeater or hub help

Hi, I am integrating away from 2 Wink Hubs I used one 1 property but in 2 buildings that are fairly close together. It worked very well. I thought I could use 1 Z Wave hub and have had pretty good success. It is an Aeotec USB stick in the R Pi. All my hard wired switches are working great but I can not get signal from a Schlage lock which I find surprising. Any suggestions on if its possible to use another hub, R Pi, or a pure signal repeater? I know the lock is battery operated but surprised its not connecting through any of the near by and numerous hard wired switches.

There’s a limit of 4 hops from the controller, so trying to make two buildings work with one controller may be hard.

You could try connected mains powered Z-Wave devices to bridge the gap.

Hithank the reply…this is what I have done, plebty of hard wired devices that work, but just cant get this device to hop, it wanrts to connect direct and cant, I guess…is there a way to manually configure the connection path?

Z-Wave devices don’t care - they’ll connect directly if they can, but will go direct if they can’t.

If it won’t connect then it means there’s no signal for it to connect to :man_shrugging:

Of course, non Plus Z-Wave devices are far more tricky to get connected - you have to connect them by the controller, then relocate and run Heal on the whole mesh.

I’d suggest you head over to the #zwave channel on the Discord server where you’ll find folks who know Z-Wave really well.

okl check that out, they are all z wave plus devices.