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Z-Wave S2 Security // yes or no?


Hi there, I just installed two Fibaro Roller Shutter for testing. They work fine. Now I need 7 more for the other shutters. But today I read that there is a new security standard which is not integrated in my product.

This year Aeotec will release a Nano Shutter product which is smaller and has the new S2 security standard integrated.

What do you think? Should I wait? Is there maybe another product awailable?


There will always be new products - if you wait a few months until 2019 you’ll start seeing the next generation of Z-Wave (700 series) turn up for example.

Buy what works for you now.


has anyone tried the Z-Stick S2 yet. I have a Gen5 and was wondering if there are any issues with HA if I get a S2. I noticed my August locks looked for the S2 security when they loaded.


OZW (OpenZWave) doesn’t support S2, so there’s currently no point in replacing anything for S2 functionality.


You’re right, I will buy those Fibaros now. Thank you


Home Assistant relies on OpenZwave so will be no S2 support. That’s a huge con.
Is there any alternative way to bring S2 encryption to Home Assistant?


S2 Security is fully backwards compatible with S0, so you wont lose any functionality.