Z-Wave Secondary Controller

I am currently in the process of migrating HomeSeer to HomeAssistant but still need to find out a lot of how to` s for HomeAssistant.

I have 544 Devices and 381 Events in HomeSeer so there are some steps to take, but i take small steps. The devices are a variety of protocols. Some are Zigbee but also Z-Wave. For Z-Wave i`m using two UZB sticks. One Stick is placed in the HomeSeer and is acting as primary controller. (still working okay)

The other stick was placed in my Domoticz machine and is acting as secondary controller. The Domoticz macine is now reinstalled with HomeAssistant. But how can i prevent HomeAssisant (OpenZwave) from performing network scans / and health scans. These scans are performed by the primary controller.