Z-Wave security network key from openHAB


I wish to try a Z-Wave USB Stick (Aeotec Gen5) from an openHAB installation with Home Assistant.

Due to the number of existing paired Z-Wave devices, a factory reset of the stick (and all the devices) is not really an option for me.

All devices are using Z-Wave security, and from openHAB I have a network key in the format of:
“FC BA A9 F6 7A EB CD 82 D1 6B 9F A6 83 70 39 E4”

The Hass.io documentation states that I should enter the network key in the following format:
“0x01, 0x02…”

How do I convert the network key from openHAB to the format required by Home Assistant?

Very simple: prepend 0x to every character-pair in your network-key, so it reads “0xFC, 0xBA, …”

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Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile: