Z-Wave Sensor failing to update

I’ve recently received an Aeotec Z-Wave USB Stick and also an Aeotec Z-Wave Multisensor 6.

I’ve managed to get them both online and configured. I added the Z-Wave Integration through the GUI.

The only issue I have now is that the sensors don’t seem to update. In this instance the sensor is USB powered so it’s always awake. I’m not sure if I need to do something in the configuration in order to get it to update automatically?

Because I added the integration through the UI I don’t have a zwave: section in my configuration YAML. Do I need to add something in there and if so will it still work even though i’ve configured it also via the UI?

Grateful for any pointers please :slight_smile:



Did you use the QT zwave (beta) or zwave2mqtt addon?

I think it’s the QT zwave (beta).

I just went into Integrations and added the ZWave option. Provided the USB path and let it auto-generate the network key.

It’s found the two devices and the entities, but the sensor values don’t seem to refresh.

If I go into the ZWave section of the configuration then I can use the refresh option in there and it works fine, so i’m presuming it’s some issue with the polling interval.

What firmware on the 6in1? I have 1.13 and I have not report for UV. Rest works fine though.

You can download the openzwave admin and connect to the port 1983 and see some more

Is the firmware also reported as ‘application version’ when I check the node information?

If so then mine reports 1.12.

Looking at the history graph for the luminance sensor seems to suggest it’s only refreshing once an hour. If i’m using the UI-based integration how do you go about setting a higher refresh rate?

Thats would be done via so called “parameters”.

See bottom of this page:

Are those parameters modifiable using the Z-Wave interface in HA?

When I look under Node Configuration there is a load of options such as:

4: Enable Motion Sensor
5: Command Options
8: Awake Timeout

The initial value that appears in the section was 3,600 and there is a button below it saying ‘Set Wakeup Interval’. 3600 seconds is 1 hour so i’m wondering if dropping that to 300 (5 Minutes) and clicking the button would make it report in more frequently?

The only source of confusion for me here is that the device never really needs to wakeup as it’s USB powered so doesn’t actually go to sleep. I was led to believe the wakeup config only really applies if it’s running on battery.

Ok, so I think i’m slowly figuring things out.

  1. The MultiSensor needs to be added to a group using the Node group associations option in the interface.
  2. Then I can use configuration option 101 (Group 1 Reports) to determine what values are reported by using the bitmask.
  3. I can also use option 111 (Group 1 Interval) to specify how often that sensor group reports in.

So, i’d presume that the idea here is that you can separate out sensors that run on battery and those that run on mains supply. The ones on battery don’t want to be reporting in so regularly as doing so would deplete the battery much faster.

NEVER set the wake up interval voor battery zwave devices high. This is NOT NEEDED in order to update frequently but only drains batteries.

You can set via parameters on what change the sensor needs to send an update to the controller. See the pdf manual I sent you to.

You can not change parameters via home assistant if you have the qt openzwave addon. Only by means of an external very basic beta interface there.

Are you sure you use that? Can you show a screenshot of where you change them?

I have a feeling that the ZWave configuration options i’m using are very new as it looks like they only appeared in the latest release: https://www.home-assistant.io/blog/2020/05/20/release-110/

But, basically once i’d added the ZWave Integration I then got this extra menu at the bottom of my configuration screen in HA.


Selecting this then allows me to see my ZWave devices.

If I choose the MultiSensor and then select the only group I have defined then I can see this.


And if I look under the configuration section you can see the settings which determine what values should be returned and how regularly. As these devices are both powered I have set the value quite low; if it was a battery powered device then of course I would use a different group and set the interval to be higher.


It seems to be working now. When I turn the light in the room off or on it updates the state within 15 seconds or so.

Glad you got it working