Z-Wave sensor isn't working great on network

I just purchased a new door/window sensor…and when it’s close to my z-wave controller it works great, but once it’s ~50ft away or so it stops working entirely. I have other z-wave devices near it that work fine, so it should be able to relay through them, but for some reason it does not work. I have performed a “Heal network”, and have let it settle overnight but it still does not work, even though it does show it sees its neighbors. Can anyone offer any insight or advice? It is one of these https://www.amazon.ca/Z-wave-Magnets-Window-Sensor-DWZWAVE2-5-ECO/dp/B01N5HB4U5 it has pretty good reviews, so I would expect it’s something wrong on my side…

How does it work for devices which are normally sleeping? Should I explicitly wake up every device before performing a network heal? Or do they somehow do their “heal” the next time they wake up?

Only mains powered devices can relay. I advise to buy a zwave repeater. I have 2 aeotec range extenders (6). work very well.

Oh, interesting…I thought anything with the “routing” capability would relay messages. At any rate, it’s about 4 feet away from a mains-powered z-wave device…is there a way I can check if that device actually supports relaying messages?

Battery devices ga a sleep and only wake when sensing something. So no routing for those…

Under Development Tools >> States look up your device. Should start with zwave.xxx. Under Capabilities, “routing” should be listed

Sure that that always shows right? I use qt openzwave and that show almost always “routing” for battery devices… wrongly :frowning:

You’re right. “routing” is always there, however “listening” only shows up on my mains powered devices. That doesn’t make much sense, so maybe a bug?

Haha, atm openzwave is a bug swarm… don’t even know where to start :slight_smile:

I am not using openzwave (yet), so it’s grandfathered in :wink:
EDIT: I mean I am still on 1.4

Strangely, one of my (mains-powered) devices has “listening” capability only…no “routing”