Z-wave switch light switch with instant status that feels solid?

As the title says, I’ve tried an old Cooper dimmer and now a Zooz and they both feel cheap when operating. Sloppy movement and generally don’t feel solid like standard switches.

Has to be instant status because I’ve now been spoiled with the Zooz supporting it.

GE Zwave switches?

A lot of folks like the Homeseer HS-WS200+/HS-WD200+, and I bought a couple of play with. They have a satisfying “click” with enough pressure required to not accidentally double-tap them. I have Insteon switches throughout my house, but I would be happy with the HS switches if I was do it over with Z-Wave. The 100+ series are a bit older, cheaper, and don’t have RGB LEDs, but would also probably fit your needs. Looks like they’re no longer made, though.

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I like my GE Zwave switches nice and solid fell to them.

Inovelli’s upcoming switch: https://inovelli.com/shop/smart-light-switches/pre-order-z-wave-dimmer-switch-no-neutral-required-scenes-notifications/

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GE’s don’t currently have instant status, unless the latest models added it.

The Zwave+ models from what I understand. I think it’s only the dimmers that don’t.

Actually, it’s a date manufactured thing. Once the patent expired they started including it. I only know this as I bought 3 z-wave+ dimmers from GE and they did not have it. I did some more research and found out that mine were made before the change. If you buy any used that you want to work directly with HA, I would advise making sure they are 2017+ as I think 2016 was the year that they changed.

Also, thing is that a LOT of these dimmers are the same manufacturer just re-branded for different companies. Honeywell,GE and I think HomeSeer are all JASCO switches and I can tell you that the GE’s felt the exact same as the Zooz’s. However, I really liked the zooz better.

You should be able to look at the 4 digit code sticker on the front of the switch.

Guess I got lucky, only my dimmer take a bit to update to off, but that’s due to the slow fade on it, which I’m fine with.

Actually, that slow fade I think is adjustable under the node options.

It is, but I’m fine with it.

I had a bunch of Zwave stuff that I frustrated with. Migrated everything to 433/tasmota/mqtt and I’m really happy with how it all works. Just my experience.

I have a mix of Zwave, MySensors, and MQTT devices.

what do you mean by instant status? all of my lights come on as soon as I tap the switch.

He’s referring to the Zwave instant status, where when you toggle your light on, it auto updates to your controller rather than waiting for a polling request.

Interesting that the new GE’s have instant status, or at least just the plain switches. A lot of misinformation and differences for a ‘standard’ RF.

So if JASCO makes most if not all of the big name Zwave switches I’ve got about the best there is at the moment?