Z-wave Switch Unknown type (Inovelli Unknown: type=1f01, id=1f01)

Inovelli Unknown: type=1f01, id=1f01

My inovelli switch is showing up as this in my home assistant for some reason.

Does it work? My Zooz dimmer does the same thing but still works.

If the device has not made its way into the OpenZwave database, it will show as unknown. It shouldn’t affect the functionality of the device. You could report it to the OpenZwave developers to have it officially added but you will likely need to supply the data.

Yeah, it still works.


Looks like someone already created a request for it. It was merged into master 14 days ago. Do i have to wait for a HomeAssistant update now?


If you’re on a relatively recent version of Home Assistant there is now the zwave.update_config service to update the config.

You’ll then need to stop HA, delete the old entry from your zwcfg_*.xml cache file, and then start HA. I’d highly recommend backing up your cache file before you edit it.

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I have two Inovelli switches. Both NZW30 and both show me:
product_name: Unknown: type=1e01, id=1e01

I removed that xml file, but it did not help. Anything else I can try?

Thank you.

And did you update your config before that?

What do I have to do in my configuration.yaml file?

You have to do this, as I said in the post immediately before your first one in this thread:

The article that you sent, talks about services in general. It does not say that I have to change something.

I used it for one of my other z-wave devices, but there is nothing to change for iNovelli.

Did you call the service?

I stopped the HA service, deleted cache file, and started the HA service.