Z-wave switches and sensors not responding

I’m not sure if it was solved or not but after upgrading to 39.1 all my zwave locks, switches and sensors are not working.
I might have missed something, if somebody can point me to the right direction.
Thank you

If you have customization under your zwave configuration, you might have to fix it. See “Breaking Changes” here:

Thank you for your answer .
How do I fix that?

It’s right under the section that says “Z-Wave customize is now device config”

Thank you for your help

All my z-wave switches are not responding after upgrading to 39.0, and I couldn’t figured out how to make them work again , I’ll appreciate any help.
I was reading the breaking changes but couldn’t understand where I have to change the configuration, under customize or configuration.yaml .

There’s been a number of (other) fixes since, so upgrading to 0.39.3 is worthwhile.

That said, do your switches show in the States list? Are there any Z-Wave related errors in the console log from HA, or any errors in your OWZ_Log.txt file?

After updating to 39.3 zwave switches started to work again, I’m still having issues with my schlage_be469nxcen lock , since the upgrade I can’t lock or unlock it,it shows at the frontend but when trying to change its state it goes back to the original state it was before the change.
Am I missing something?

Any of schlage_be469nxcen sensors are not updating states anymore.