Z-Wave Thermostat Configuration GoControl tbz48

I have a Z-Wave GoControl basic heat Thermostat as I have just Heat/Fan in my house.

The setup and Inclusion was a snap, running the 1.4 Z-Wave Integration.

I added the Thermostat Card to the Lovelace panel, and the default code seemed kinda scant…

type: thermostat
entity: >-

There were no other entities in my drop down.

My 4 entities show as


Should my card have more code in it?

I am also running off batteries only as I do not have the 48V “C” wire in my system. I did see that may mean I do not get temp updates very often?


I apologize if I just did not understand how any of this works… Looks like the Entity selection must be for anomaly sensors beyond the basics, as the Card inserted is working, turns on heat, sets temps, turns on fan… displays temp. So I don’t really have any issues I guess. Now it’s time to learn Node-Red to control this thing in a more automated fashion. Maybe this post will save someone else from asking the same things? :smiley: