Z-wave to MQTT

For the life of me I cannot get Z-WaveJS to MQTT to find my z-stick according to the control panel. I have tried numerous times and triple-checked the path in Supervisor > System. I even went ahead and then tried to install the Z-waveJS and uncheck the box and input the supplied URL but the connection failed. I have opened port 3000 in the Configuration section of the Z-waveJS to MQTT.

Since this is a new build on a Pi 4 I even reflashed the SD card to start fresh. Any suggestions?

I am not new to HA, but my last build was in Docker on a Synology until DSM 7 came along and wiped everything out.

What type of zstick are you using? There’s some sort of issue with the aeotec and the rpi 4


Thank you so much. I have the Aeotec Gen 5+. Looks like I will be getting a new stick.

The link mentioned that for some plugging the stick in a usb 2.0 hub in between the Pi and the stick got it working, so that might be worth a try first before buying a new zstick.