Z-Wave Totally Dead on 2022.3.x

Whenever I have tried to upgrade my HA from 2022.2.6 to 2022.3.x my Z-Wave totally dies. By itself this isn’t totally unusual, I’ve had a couple of reboots or updates that forced me to unplug the Z-Stick and plug it back in (both live and powered off), but those measures don’t correct the problem.

This is my fourth attempt to upgrade HA and the fourth time all Z-Wave devices report offline, even though Z-Wave JS is running and I can see all the devices are alive. So, as such, it’s also my fourth time restoring my 2022.2.x backup to get working again.

I’m not seeing anything in the logs to clue me in (although I haven’t tried debug logging just yet), I’m just wondering if anyone else encountered this or if I’m just not reading the release notes properly and there’s a breaking change that isn’t registering in my little human brain.

This was a very frustrating issue to troubleshoot. Finally I found an old GIT issue that resolved the problem. For some reason the default add-on repository gets removed from the Add-On store, I’ve never done that so I don’t know how that could happen, but the solution was to go into the Add-On store and add https://github.com/hassio-addons/repository to the repositories and POOF, suddenly Z-Wave JS to MQTT had an update - the update needed to make 2022.3 work.

What led me to this was finally finding “Z-Wave JS Server version is incompatible: 1.14.1 a version is required that supports at least api schema 15” in HA (I’m adding this here in case someone else searches for that term).