Z-Wave Unknown Node One at a Time


I have quite an interesting issue here, and I’m not sure how to go about fixing it.

First of all, I had an issue with Z-wave in HA in which all my entities all went to an a status of not available. I knew that the issue wasn’t with the Aeotec stick because I was able to power down my system, pull the stick out, put it in my Windows 10 system and view the status of the nodes with an application I found online. Anyway, I know my z-wave devices are talking.

So, once I confirmed the stick was fine, I then loaded up a new docker image (deleted my config directory as well), pointed it to my z-wave stick, which is statically set by the way, and then eventually I saw z-wave devices popping into HA. However, it only got so far and then it’s like it got stuck. The node it was stuck on was a light switch, and it was registering as “unknown node”… I excluded that light switch (which had a Node ID of 2) from the stick, restarted HA, re-added the light switch and all is good for that one node. Well, I still noticed I was still missing many nodes, but then at the very bottom of the interface I noticed it was bringing in another node, but only one. It again had a status of “unknown node”, and this time it was a Aeotec repeater I have in the house. I rebooted a couple times, tried to heal the node, checked the logs and all looks well and the log file says all is reporting in with no issues.

I then went through the process again of excluding the repeater, added it back in and all is well, it no longer shows up as “unknown node.” Again, I restarted in hoping that the rest of the missing nodes would populate, but no dice. It found another unknown node but this time it is another light switch, and that’s where it sits right now.

Has anyone had this situation? You plug in your known working z-wave stick, HA loads about 1/3 to 1/2 of the devices, then it labels a device as an unknown node and you have to delete it before it even gets past that one, then gets stuck again on the next node. It’s basically assigning the nodes as unknown one at a time, forcing me to remove them one by one…but yet it did load a bunch of nodes properly prior to this happening.

Any ideas?

Quick update. After analyzing this some more, I noticed it seems most nodes that are affected are nodes 2 through 25. Most nodes 26 through 79 have been brought into HA from what I can tell, but it’s getting these “unknown node” status one by one with nodes 2 through 25. I do want to add that I am seeing nodes 2 through 25 in the OZ z-wave logs from HA. The nodes are there, but I’m only getting one at a time, and they are unknown.