Z-Wave Value Instance


please give me the correct hint on how to get the correct entity ID:

sensor.dimmer_livingroom_energy -> this only gets the device with value instance 1

How do I get the “value instance 2” sub-device? I want to get rid of the device in the home screen and add it to the correct group or hide it.


What is the device???

Sorry, my bad. FGD212 Dimmer 2 from Fibaro.

I don’t have one of these devices but things like this usually show up as multiple devices. One of the devices will record energy consumption. Are you wanting the dimmer function? or what??

As stated above: I want to hide these bubbles.


That’s better. A good explanation of what you are after. Have a look at customize. You want to add hidden: true for the entities you want to not be visible in the UI.

I know that and make heavy use of that already. But how do I address the instance ID „2“ device? Using the entity ID shown in the screenshot obviously only hides the first one. Perhaps this is a bug?

How does it show up in the Developer Tools <> section? Find all devices on that page with dimmer_livingroom in their names. On the States page, if you click on the Device you want to hide, what is the entity ID? You can copy that.

Don’t you read my posts? It is all there. :grin:
I have several other devices with _2 in the ID but not for this one.

My bad again. In the developer section it shows up correctly with _2 in the name. But if you click on the little bubble at the home screen, the entity name is shown without a _2 in it. I think this is a bug that was introduced when the entity IDs were changed some releases ago.
I am going to file this one later today.