Z-Wave Wink siren/chime plays no sound when activated anymore

When activated the siren/chime’s indicator light flashes (alarm), but no sound (siren) is emitted (usually is ear piercingly loud). But indicates they are actively communicating with HA. I have two of these and the batteries went dead about a couple of months or so ago, and just got around to ordering new batteries, and now both do the same thing. They had previously worked flawlessly. I even tried factory resetting them and resetting them back up, to which ZwaveJS detected them, but there wasn’t any behavior change. Also tried restarting ZwaveJS, and the entire HA machine which also resulted in no change. Obviously, there have been several updates to HA that’s been applied during that time, so I’m not exactly sure when the functionality was lost. I also noticed that for the device sensors, the “alarmLevel” and “alarmType” are constantly shown as “0” regardless if activated or not, even though the Alarm Volume level is set to “High Volume” and the Alarm Tone is set. These settings can be changed to anything, and it does not change the sensor’s readout.

These are the devices I’m using:

After further investigation, it appears to be an issue with the siren. I have two more units that were new in the box. I got those out and paired them with HA and they worked fine with the batteries that came with the unit. I then placed the batteries I purchased in the newly unboxed unit, and it refused to play, and immediately removed the batteries. I then placed the batteries that came with the newly unboxed unit in the older used unit, and it refused to play. After digging further, the CR123A batteries I purchased are 3.7v, NOT 3V! I’m pretty sure this ruined these units. DO NOT USE the rechargeable variant of the CR123A. I had no idea that there were 2 different voltage ratings for the same battery group size “CR123A”.

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Digging further into this, it indeed fried an IC on the mainboard of each of the units. IC that was fried is labeled: P8303C.