Z-Wave worrying-concerning problem

Hello all
i’ve a small zwave network (12 devices) formed by different types of devices from different brands. Aeotec Z-Stick5 on a Rpi 3b+ and HassOS 2.11 and HA 0.99.2

I’m writing this, to gain attention from some of the most experienced of you, since it seems (at least to me) a really worrying problem that could cause serious misbehaviors and panic in a home.

After several months of regular running, suddenly and without any modification to my setup, i had two of my zwave dimmers (Aeotec ZW111 Nano Dimmer) that start randomly switch lights on or off (3-6 times a day).

Checked in the logs but didn’t found something that has correlation with this strange triggerings of the lights from the zwave dimmers.

The same days of these false triggering, i noticed that i also had a failed zwave node (Aeotec Smart Switch 6). I discovered the failed device because of my washing machine refused to start, while in the OZCP the zwave device resulted OK (see below):

node_id: 5
node_name: AEON Labs ZW096 Smart Switch 6
manufacturer_name: AEON Labs
product_name: ZW096 Smart Switch 6
query_stage: Complete
is_awake: true
is_ready: true
is_failed: false

Refreshed the node from the OZCP bring the node working again for a couple of days. During these days, the Smart Switch 6 was ok and no false triggering on the dimmers.
After a couple of days i noticed again the light turns on/off randomly and then checked immediatly the Smart Switch 6, which was in a sort of ‘dead status’ again but NOT in the OZW. (see above)

So to test and confirm, i pulled off the wall the Smart Switch 6 and let the things run for several days. Result: no false triggering on the dimmers and all seems regular.

Now the questions (that really worrying me):

  1. i cannot understand how and why the failed Smart Switch node results ok while it is completely dead (doesn’t respond to commands). Please notice that as of today the device is completely off and pulled out from the wall while OZW keeps consider it active

  2. i cannot understand how the failed (or stale or whathever we consider it) device, was causing triggers on other zwave devices without even tracks on the logs. Sort of broadcast or something similar

  3. how i eventually can get noticed and rid of problems on the zwave devices (via automations or other means).

  4. AND, most important question: what if - instead of some lights dimmers - the failed zwave device starts trigger randomly the main door lock or garage?

Thanks to all!
I really need some light on these questions. Please feel free to ask me all the infos/logs you need in order to put me in the right direction.

A couple of my Aeotec Smart Switch 6 are flaky at times. Did you add yours securely or non-secure?

Hello Dansker, unfortunately didn’t take note when (months ago) i’ve included that device. Is there a way to check it after inclusion?

Thought it was the culprit (not verified at the moment), what’s puzzling me is that OZCP seems to not have the correct infos from the devices (or USB stick).

Other very important question to me is that it seems the zwave network is living its own life and starts make things randomly in a very dangerous way from the perspective of what should be an affordable and stable system.

That’s why I really need help to find the root of this issue and a way to track and control the (eventually) others in the future :wink:

Let me know if you like


Hello Dansker - just checked with Zensys Tools.
The device results a non-secure node.

Let me know…


Mine were added using secure mode; have not tried to redo to see if it works better non-secure. I’m not that impressed with Aeotec in general…

I’ve played with aeotec equipment and have no complaints, still use an aeotec z-stick.
Secure mode adds to the comms overhead (4 messages instead of 1)
A search of the forum does not yield great numbers of complaints about “aeotec flakyness” .
How did you add your nodes, with a button walking round or bring the device to your z-stick (1-1.5m) and use the z-wave manager to include them.
I’ve always found the latter to be better and get more information/attributes, though it’s been a long time since I did those tests

I’ve had problems with Smart Switch 6 on both the Aeotec z-stick on HA as well as on Vera.

And a broken doorbell. Furthermore, the programming interface on their doorbell is very poorly thought out.

Also for me the Energy Smart Switch is flaky at times as well.

I have 5 SS6 and 3 ESS devices. Always add Z-Wave devices using HA.

Wow, your experience is MUCH more than mine on aeotec gear but given the length of time I’ve had with the Z-Stick I’d still recommend it. I have absolutely no explanation as to why you have had such problems.
You have added gear the most robust way available.
Sorry I can not contribute to help with your issues

Thank you Mutt
i’ve added all devices with stick very near to the device (about 30-50cm) by pressing the button on the controller and following the specific instructions for each device/brand.
As i wrote, the network was ok for several months.

I would like to make more focus on the problems i described, because i think these aren’t a brand-specific issues.
Does it seem reasonable?


What you have said and what you have done seem perfectly reasonable to me, the only thing I’d have done differently would be not to use the button.
Regardless, the fact that your system ‘was’ working and has deteriorated is (or would be for me) a major cause of concern as your title suggests.
My lack of experience with such issues mean I don’t have any pointers to assist. But I have marked this thread and shall follow it with interest as it will teach me a thing or two about such matters so that I could help myself and others, should it arise again.
Best of luck

I have the same issue with a zw111 going into a cycle of on/off . Also using aeotec wall swipe and usb stick.