Z-wave, Xiaomi, other solution?

I have been using Home Assistant for a while to control my Limitless LED and Phillips hue lights.
Now its time to expand the system with some sensors. But what is the best solution to get started with?
I would like it to be on battery power, and if possible not to expensive per sensor.

I am looking for the following sensors.

Motion detection

I see that the xiaomi sensors are of a fair price, and have all that i need for now.
But dont know if z-wave is a better choice since i am then not stuck to a single brand.

Hope someone can lead me through the choice process or suggest a even better solution :slight_smile:

Maybe z-wave but with an universal bridge (even though, none is really finish for now, all are still pretty new or complicated).

But xiaomi seems to be the choice to go with. Not expensive but of good quality.

And all sensor exist (maybe just not the luminosity sensor?)

Other than z-wave, maybe 433Mhz is the other cheap and battery powered device you can find.
Motion detection, humidity, temperature, window/door, leakage, smoke detector, … all exist in 433Mhz.

You can find a list of available sensor here:

Have you considered wired sensors?

DHT22 for temperature and humidity.
Wired PIR for motion.
Wired reed switches for doors.
BH1750 for lux.

Really cheap and really reliable but require a lot of crawling around under the floor or in the roof to install.

I am living in an old rental apartment building.
There is really no way to hide the wiring, (without getting in trouble with the landlord) :slight_smile:

Nice, i will take a look at the 433Mhz options.
I already use it for some cheap Switches around the apartment :slight_smile: