Z-Wave Yale Lock issue, missing AlarmLevel and AlarmType


With the release of 2021.4, I decided to bite the bullet and migrated from the depreciated Z-Wave addon to Z-Wave JS. The new Z-Wave appears to be a lot faster! Great work in modernizing the platform!

However, I have an issue with my Yale lock:
NexTouch Wireless Push Button with Z-Wave

At first the AlarmLevel and AlarmType sensor entities were missing. I eventually figured out they were simply “disabled”. I was able to enable them from the Integration setup, however their state is always “unknown”. It never gets updated, even after multiple reboots.


I also tried with zwavejs2mqtt (7.1.1), same result.

From the zwavejs2mqtt dashboard:

[8-113-0-alarmType] Alarm Type

[8-113-0-alarmLevel] Alarm Level

[8-114-0-manufacturerId] Manufacturer ID

[8-114-0-productType] Product type

[8-114-0-productId] Product ID

Is it possible to add the alarmlevel and alarmtype again since many nodered automations rely on them?

Or should I rework them to use the zwave_js_notification events (Is that where the future is headed?)

At this point, the zwave_js_notification appear to be incomplete: I get events for User Lock, User Code Added, User Code Deleted, but I don’t get them for other events like Keypad lockout.


Did you ever find a solution to this? I’m running into the same problem

I have this same problem but found this blueprint below which does everything I wanted by using zwave_js_notification in an automation.

I just ran into this problem. My zwave (deprecated) lock was working fine until today, including the alarmlevel and alarmtype entities. I migrated to zwave JS and lost them both. The lock could be locked and unlocked, but I no longer had jam warnings or notifications about who unlocked it. So I removed zwave JS and went back to zwave depreacted, and both those entities are still missing!