Z2M Add-On Crashes Often

I’m rapidly approaching complete failure of the SAF (spousal approval factor) for Z2M. I switched from ZHA about two months ago, and for the first month everything was fantastic. Lately though the add-on has been hard crashing, the watchdog doesn’t restart it and when it goes down it turns on every light in the house at 100% brightness.

When this happens at 2am, it’s not a good scene when the bedroom turns into the face of the sun.

After I restart the app, every light is offline, and I have to turn on inclusion and cycle the light switches on and off and the majority hop back on. One or two have to be completely re-paired.

I don’t know how to troubleshoot this or check logs since it seems that history is lost when the app crashes.

I am using UZG-01 as a LAN coordinator. The ESP firmware was 1.5, so I upgraded to 2.0 and the coordinator is at the latest firmware of 20230507.

I have a combo of cree and GE lights.

My non-light devices seem to come up fine without any intervention.

Addon version



Core: 2024.1.5
Supervisor 2023.12.1
Operating System 11.4
Frontend 20240104.0

When I turned the Availability to simple from advanced things calmed down and I’ve been very stable for the last week or so.