Z2M aka Zigbee doesn't respond

Good morning everyone,

I have a problem with my migrated system. Coming from a Rasp3 with SD card (this is currently still running until the new one works) now on a Rasp4 with SSD.

The behaviour is a bit strange:
HA runs so far, Z2M runs but seems not to be able to communicate. I can get into the frontend, which means the config should fit so far. However, I cannot make any status changes in the frontend. Devices cannot be controlled. I cannot add any new devices either. I can find the devices in HA, but they cannot be operated there either and information is missing in certain places. The map in Z2M loads endlessly and shows nothing else.
I have tried to reconfigure the MQTT broker, but the login data is rejected there (which works on the old system).

All updates have been made, a Conbee II is used.

It looks to me as if it still has the old entries of the entities in the DB but can no longer find them. Do you have any idea what this is, what I could try or other tips?

Cheers, olli

Not sure I fully understand where you are in the move from the old to the new system.

First thing. As you move to a RPi4 and SSD disk, then you are using USB3. As this will interfere hugely with the zigbee, remember to have a long USB extender cable, like 2 meters and move the conbeeII fare away from the RPi. Also for all wifi devices. Further, attach the USB extender cable to a USB2 port. The behaviour you expierence could be due to this.

On your move. I assume you using the same conbeeII as on the RPi3 system, right? And you have made a restore of Z2M, right?
If you have reinstalled, then PANID/Network key need to be set correctly and you need Z2M to load it into the conbeeII

hi, I was a bit sloppy there.

I played a full backup of the RPi3 onto the RPi4. Other integrations and addons work fine, only the zigbee universe doesn’t want to.

The conbee is indeed the same, but is already plugged into a USB2 port with extension. But I will change the position of this one. Maybe that will help, good advice

Maybe the portname have changed? Then you need to update that.

Or, try and delete the zigbee2mqtt configuration backup file. If the file is missing, then Z2M will try and reload the coordinator. Might help, if the relocation is not making a difference.

relocation changed nothing. Conbee/z2m Add-on config looks like:

DEVNAME: /dev/ttyACM0
ID_BUS: usb
ID_MODEL_ID: '0030'
ID_PATH: platform-fd500000.pcie-pci-0000:01:00.0-usb-0:1.4:1.0
ID_PATH_TAG: platform-fd500000_pcie-pci-0000_01_00_0-usb-0_1_4_1_0
ID_SERIAL: dresden_elektronik_ingenieurtechnik_GmbH_ConBee_II_DE2426624
ID_TYPE: generic
ID_USB_DRIVER: cdc_acm
ID_USB_INTERFACES: ':020201:0a0000:'
ID_VENDOR: dresden_elektronik_ingenieurtechnik_GmbH
ID_VENDOR_ENC: dresden\x20elektronik\x20ingenieurtechnik\x20GmbH
MAJOR: '166'
MINOR: '0'
TAGS: ':systemd:'
USEC_INITIALIZED: '3576106'```

data_path: /config/zigbee2mqtt
enabled: false
master: pty,raw,echo=0,link=/tmp/ttyZ2M,mode=777
slave: tcp-listen:8485,keepalive,nodelay,reuseaddr,keepidle=1,keepintvl=1,keepcnt=5
options: “-d -d”
log: false
base_topic: zigbee2mqtt
server: mqtt://core-mosquitto:1883
user: mqtt_user
password: mqtt
port: >-
adapter: deconz
port: 8080

zigbee_herdsman_debug: true```

PANID is identical to my old one, Network key is empty

Conbee Stick/ coordinater replacement changed nothing. Reconnected the RPi3 again and all working well. Back to RPi4 all zigbees are silent.

I’m out of ideas. Did a new blank install with fresh addons, connected a new zigbee unit and all works fine. Back to my restored Backup and no zigbee units recognised again.

Same problem, I using the same PI4, I cloned (rpi-clone) the sd card to a SanDisk ssd, poweroff, remove the sd card, all works fine, but all routers (lights, …) are offline, only the end devices (sensors) are online