Z2m all sensor states unknown

I got several tuya zigbee devices onto z2m.
However even with all devices known, the states are unknown.

WHat is wrong?


but won’t get into mqtt

Is it something to do with LQI?
My house is

The red are wired in, so surely the balcony at least is really close to an antenna? But it is 25lqi.

The only difference is that I had my tuya zigbee hub in the upstairs room. It’s still there, I assume maybe it doesn’t act as a repeater. But the light switch is 1m away.

Is it true once paired to Z2m, devices won’t find optimal routes or go thru the lights as repeaters? Eg if I added the sensor 1st, then the lights later, will they be stupid and never go thru them?

Do I have to manually make each pair with the closest antenna?

I also changed the dongle channel to 25. In z2m everything seemed still there didn’t need repair. These temp sensors are still low lqi but same room as the light switch.