Z2M and autodiscovery

Hi all, i have a bit of an issue with two Aqara switches. They are visible and working normally if i control them via Z2M frontend or directly by issueing an mqtt comand to the broker, but since few days ago they got unavailable in the home assistant. I suspect that smth got broken with home assistant’s autodiscovery but i can say that for sure.

Is there a way to force the rediscovery of such entities in ha and if yes, what would be the way to do it?

Anyway, Z2M has a lot more entities that work normally… it’s an issue with two switches…

MQTT discovery is just another topic sent by Z2M that tells HA how to use the device. If you’re having issues with the discovery information, the issue lies in Z2M.

Here is something to take a look at…
Using the HA UI, go to “Device” page (UI->Settings->Devices&Services, select “Device” tab) and select one of the Aqara switches.
Click on the “MQTT INFO” and you should see several bulleted items. All the items with a Topic: homeassistant/blah-blah/config are the discovery topics. Although I don’t have an Aqara switch, you probably should have a topic something like /homeassistant/switch/IEEE-ZIGBEE-ADDRESS/switch/config. Click on the “payload” and it will show you what all HA needs to see or use (using MQTT) for control and availability. From this same bulleted list of items, you can also see what Topics HA has subscribed to and what recent messages have been received/sent. Hopefully it will give you some clues.