[Z2M] Aqara Temperature sensor last seen a month ago, what are steps to troubleshoot/reset it?

As title says, I looked at the temperature graph of this sensor in my bath and saw a flat line for the readings, checked in Zigbee2MQTT and yep it’s reporting that this sensor was last seen 1 month ago. So now I’m just wondering: what are the troubleshooting steps for me to check up/try to discover

  • why it has last been seen that long ago,
  • what caused it to drop and not re-establish connection
  • how to “reset” it /what to do so it’s connected again and reporting its state and
  • what to do to prevent in the future from happening / get some kind of automation to report such behavior

From what I’ve seen it had 77% battery state a month ago and should have no problem to connecting to the Zigbee network as there’s an always plugged in smart plug right in the next room that acts as a router, and all the Zigbee smart bulbs in the rooms all around it seem to also work and respond fine

My understanding is that this can happen, as the Aqara sensors aren’t 100% Zigbee conform.
However I have hardly any issues with mine - but had one temperature sensor lose connection recently. All I did was press the button on the sensor quickly (not to reset, but to “ping”). That fixed it.

Otherwise you have to allow new devices in Zigbee2MQTT and hold the button for 3 seconds or so, until the sensor starts blinking. Then it should re-add it, but you might have to adjust your config.