Z2M commands for a wireless FoH switch -> MOES ZM-105B-M-MS dimming relay

Hello, I have the following MOES 2-gang dimmer:

It is actually supported. However, I fail to control it via wireless FoH switsh from SENIC.
I would say that I fail to get the correct Z2M commands to trigger dimming from the SENIC to MOES-relay.
Only the Moes dimming relay fails at this task, but I have previously been able to control Hue lamps and LED controllers with a Blueprint. I have the feeling that the Tuya dimmers don’t even recognize the common payloads.
A long press and the “Brightness move” command usually works, but not with the MOES 2-gang dimming relay. (ZM-105-M-MS)
On and Off works, but there is no way for dimming via long press / release.
Do you have any idea how I can fix this, I’m about to give up.

Many thanks in advance and best regards