Z2M - ROBB Smart 8-Button Switch (ROB_200-007-0) blueprint

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share a blueprint with you guys for the ROBB ROB_200-007-0 that I created a while back.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

677 11-29-48-0265

It’s a simple blueprint that just maps all the available actions for all 8 buttons. The available actions are:

  • short press (each button)
  • long press (each button)
  • release (each button row)

This allows you to map any of the button (events) to any action you choose.

Store link


  • I don’t plan on supporting ZHA, Deconz, etc. but feel free to draw inspiration from my work :slight_smile:

I modified your blueprint for ZHA usage now, see this topic: ZHA ROBB Smart 8-Button Switch (ROB_200-007-0) blueprint

I have made a version for deconz based on this. But i don’t know how to upload it to this forum. Is there a manual how to share the blueprint? Thanks!

This doesn’t seem to trigger anything when the buttons are pressed… I have one of the 8 way button controllers succesfully paired via MQTT and I can see it firing “Switch action changed to ‘on_1’” etc in the HA logbook. The switch is selected in the blueprint. But never seems to trigger. Bit new to HA so anything I might be doing wrong?

EDIT: If it helps I am running Zigbee2MQTT on a separate raspberry pi so within HA the controller appears within the MQTT broker integration

If anyone stumbles on this in the future, what I had to do was edit the blueprint code to remove the line ‘attribute: action’ from the trigger settings. Then reload automations in HA.

I believe you might also be able to just toggle on ‘Home Assistant legacy entity attributes’ in Zigbee2MQTT, haven’t tried that approach yet.


This blueprint doesn’t seem to work anymore in the latest version of home assistant. I get an error
Stopped because of unknown reason "null"

anyone else has this issue?

Found it finally… mode has been set to restart. The button does trigger 2 messages, so after a moment the automation was restarted.

I have set the mode de queue, now it is working again.


How did you change the mode to queue?

Thanks for the info, it helped a lot

The file is on GH here, if you’d like to make the PR for it :]