Z2M - Still getting 'MQTT device name is equal to entity name in your config' plus other issues

I already have a Hue Bridge, which I intend to transition off of. I added a new Hue bulb to my Sonoff USB and Z2M.

It paired fine, and I can control it in the Z2M UI. But the bulb keeps going offline in the HA UI. This always happens after an HA restart. I’ve managed to get it back in HA in the past by restarting Z2M and Mosquito. But now that’s not working.

These issues started around the same time I noticed this error in the HA logs.

All the searches I have done refer to the changes in HA and that a Z2M update would resolve them. But as far as I know, that update came out in August. So, I’m not sure why I am still seeing these errors.

I’d also love to figure out how to get this Hue bulb to play nicely in HA between restarts.

Whichever logs are needed to troubleshoot this, just let me know, and I can post them up.

Thanks in advance all!