Z2M sytem flaky - logs show same three errors

My Zigbee setup is just too flaky!
I’m running Z2M with a ZZH Stick (latest firmware). All the usual suspects accounted for: USB extension cable. Wi-Fi Channels separated. System downed and forced to rebuild etc. etc. But I still get multiple drop off’s or non-responses all the time.
I ve got 80 devices on the mesh, some battery some mains and my LQI’s seem pretty decent.
I notice the Z2M Logs are almost exclusively full of the following errors (from a variety of devices)…

No network route' (205)

No converter available for 'state' (21)
Although I think this last one is caused by the 3 IKEA Tradri Repeaters and may be fairly meaningless.

Does anyone have a clue what might be going on ?

Firmware 20230507? If so, there are known issues. Try 20221226.

Yes, 20230507, I’ll downgrade now ! Thanks for the prompt reply

Edit: Or will I ? Just be googling a bit and there seems to be some threads suggesting 20221226 also suffers from the same issue ?

Consensus seems to be it is better than 0507. See the issue threads at the koenkk’s zstack github.

Personally I’m running 20220103 on three production nets, a dev build which wasn’t an official release.

I have 20230507 on a few test nets, its been stable there, but the device counts are low.

I can see what you mean about the known issues now I have trawled GitHub. Ive also posted into Koenkk’s Z2M page to see if anyone has an fix for it now (assuming 0507 is now 6 months old I’m hoping so !).
In the meantime I will downgrade to 1226.
Thanks again.

There are test builds in the threads. I think the latest I saw was 20231127 or thereabouts.

If you’re game, it may help the cause to test the new builds. I hate to admit I’m not doing so myself. I’m happily stable and not going to rock the boat. If my test nets act up I will test with those.

Do you happen to know where 20231127 might be held ? - Ive scoured everywhere I can think of but am only encountering posts that are months out of date. Ive posted into the GitHub discussion but no replies in 5 days.
My network is now worse than ever. About 30% of my devices are off-line and even a re-pair only sorts them for a few hours.

Anything newer that 0507 is a test build.

I think there have been a couple since 1127.

See the zstack github discussion:
Z-Stack_3.x.0 coordinator 20231111/20231112 feedback · Koenkk/Z-Stack-firmware · Discussion #483 (github.com)

Fantastic - thank you so much !
This afternoon I’ve installed 20231112 and re-paired a bunch of devices. Fingers Crossed ! It’s back up now and error log is looking much better. Like 98% better !
I’m going to give it a while to settle and see how it goes.
I have also provided feedback into the GitHub discussion.

I highly recommend that you read and try to follow all the tips here before troubleshooting any issues deeper → Guide for Zigbee interference avoidance and network range/coverage optimization

Thank you for this! I was setting up a new SLZB-06 PoE Zigbee dongle running the 20230507 firmware, and kept hitting the NWK_TABLE_FULL error. After downgrading to 20221226 via the dongle’s web UI, I’m not seeing those errors any more.