Z2M Vallhorn not reporting state changes

Has anyone gotten Vallhorn motion sensor to work 100% of the time?

It will only report state changes randomly. It worked perfectly with ikea hub.

Is there a way to ping the device to make sure it is responding?

I don’t think so. End devices have to initiate connections with their parent routers otherwise they’d drain a lot of batteries just listening for messages. You could make the Z2M availability timeout shorter - I think it’s about 24 hours by default.

25 hours per

Thanks, I’ll read this documentation and give it a shot.

FWIW, I’m using a VALLHORN motion sensor with Z2M, running firmware version 1.0.57 and IKEA LADDA batteries and it has been working reliably for about a month now. It serves to detect motion and turn on a stairway light when we open the door leading to the basement. It has worked reliably so far.

I only mentioned the battery type because it’s been reported that alkaline batteries (which have a higher voltage than NiMH rechargeable batteries) have caused this device to report motion when there’s no actual motion.

I’m using Ikea’s batteries. This motion sensor worked perfectly using Ikea’s hub or Echo zigbee hub.

However, I couldn’t configure it to “turn off if no motion is detected for X minutes”

For some reason I’m having issues with the new Sonoff ezsp dongle, my rpi3, and z2m.

The only difference is the new hardware I’m using (Sonoff, rpi3) and the software z2m.

I flashed the Sonoff with the thread firmware.

Vallhorn is saying motion detected 34 minutes ago and has not updated since then when there is no one in the room.

I am using the “P” version of Sonoff’s Zigbee Dongle Plus. That’s the one that uses the Texas Instruments chip as opposed to the Silicon Labs chip used in the “E” version.

I assume you aware that Zigbee2MQTT’s support for the Silicon Labs version is currently considered to be “experimental”.

You may have accidentally discovered one of the deficiencies of this experimental version. I would check Zigbee2MQTT’s Github repository for any existing reports of the problem you’re experiencing. If there are none, you may want to report it.

Is there somewhere I can read more about what experimental means?

I’ll get the P version and give that a test.

Is it possible to run thread/matter and zigbee at the same time in home assistant?

The main reason I got the new version was to run zigbee and thread off one dongle.

With the Zigbee Home Automation (ZHA) integration and a coordinator using the Silicon Labs chip.

However, biased on what others have reported, currently it’s more stable when Zigbee and Matter are handled by separate devices.

Just to make sure I want the plus and not the plus-e?

All I do when I get the plus is update the firmware and proceed as I did with setting up z2m, scanning to find the best channel (I haven’t done this yet), pair everything again, etc?

Or can I copy over the config, automation, blueprint files etc?

I’m having the same issue with ZHA is there any solution to the random reporting issue?