Z2MQTT update won’t install

I’ve had an update showing as available for Zigbee2MQTT but when pressing “Install” nothing appears to happen.

I skipped the first update hoping that a subsequent update may address the underlying issue but a further update is doing the same.

I’ve checked Z2M log but nothing update related visible.

Noticed that the version number is considerably different but not sure if that’s relevant.

This is not an update for Zigbee2MQTT but a firmware update for your device 0x842e14fffe84685f. What device is this? For ease of use you should rename your devices friendly names to something more human friendly.

Ah ha thanks - it’s a light switch in that case.

I’ll see about updating it’s firmware

I don’t have any experience with that device, but you could try updating the firmware outside Zigbee2MQTT. Edit: This was a response to “this is the Sonoff Gateway”.

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Apologies for moving the goalposts mid thread - realised it was a Zigbee device in particular not the gateway and it’s now attempting an update - three hours remaining though it says :flushed:

No worries. 3 hours sounds like a lot, usually my devices update in about 30 minutes. Should be fine though.

Yep. ZigBee device firmware updates are notoriously slow. I believe it’s intentional so that the update doesn’t cause issues with other ZigBee traffic on your mesh.

Just leave it ticking along, you’ll be fine.