Zanzito / HA - Maps integration

First time with Zanzito - I have managed to capture device gps coordinates to HA but i was hoping to have it integrate to the map.

Can someone explain how this can be done please?

Where do you want the map to appear at?

the map tab in Homeassistant

id hoped for dots relating to devices showing on the map as a device tracker.

You can create this generic camera component…

- platform: generic
  name: Occupants
  still_image_url:{{ states.device_tracker.user1_zanzito.attributes.latitude }},{{ states.device_tracker.user1_zanzito.attributes.longitude }}&markers=color:green%7Clabel:B%7C{{ states.device_tracker.user2_zanzito.attributes.latitude }},{{ states.device_tracker.user2_zanzito.attributes.longitude }}&markers=color:red%7Clabel:C%7C{{ states.device_tracker.user3_zanzito.attributes.latitude }},{{ states.device_tracker.user3_zanzito.attributes.longitude }}
  limit_refetch_to_url_change: true

If you use the option in Zanzito to mimic Owntracks, it will just show up in the map if you have Owntracks turned on in Device Tracker

Do I need to do anthing else other than device_tracker: owntracks and set Zanzito to mimic owntracks ?

That’s all I had to do. Then the devices showed up in my known_devices.yaml

thanks - its working nicely!

I was playing more with zanzito last night and figured out how to use the mqtt features it has to sound my house alarm over my phone alarm, wherever I am. I can also get snapshots from the cameras should they detect line crossing/intrusion detection. definitely like my options with zanzito more than owntracks

im happy with device tracking - but I will be expanding its applications for sure !