ZB-DL01 - Broken hardware or misconfigured?

I have a 0-10v dimmer, identified as ZB-DL01 by eWeLight, which I will use as a fan controller. This one https://www.amazon.se/Ysrsai-ZigBee-dimningskontroll-smartthings-LED-enheter/dp/B0BD5RRQYV/qid=1708859948 (sold under different names in different places)

Before I tried connecting it to the fan today, my voltmeter indicated it was working correctly.
Now, after trying to connect it (and not getting it to work) my voltmeter says it is sending around 7.75v when on and around 8.0v when off. Dimming with the slider changes between these two values.

So I’m thinking maybe I broke it when trying to connect it. Maybe I touched some high-voltage wiring with the 10v wire without noticing.

However, I also updated home assistant (supervisor and core) at the same time, and maybe it’s related to that, and it is being misidentified as some other device (potentially this one: Ysrsai Dimmable Mini LED Controller ZB-DL01 Zigbee compatibility)

But, rolling core back to the latest backup does not make the dimmer work…

Anyone with any ideas?


Are you using a driver circuit?

That device can only output a maximum of 20mA at 10V and very likely is not rated for inductive loads like fans.

It’s an EC-fan that is controlled by 0-10v. The fan runs on 230v AC. There is no load to speak of on the dimmer. Others have used the same dimmer successfully with similar fans.

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