Zbmini not pairing

I bought a SONOFF ZBMINI ZigBee Mini (the one in the orange box) to automate a towel rail. I’ve wired it up and it switches on and off with the button fine so I assume that is correct. However, I’m unable to pair it in the eWeLink app. As far as I can tell I don’t need the separate bridge. The green light flashes every one second immediately from me switching it on. I’ve tried holding the button so many times for 5-15 seconds and does not enter pairing or compatibility mode. In the app I’ve tried quick pairing and compatibility paring but cannot find n the mini. It is close to my router that is only emitting 2.4GHz band b/g/n. I’ve tried putting another phone next to it with a WiFi bridge. I’ve switched it off overnight and then switched it on but the same happens. I even bought a second one as I read sometimes the soldering is a bit off but the exact same thing happened. I really can’t tell if I’m missing something really simple or if it’s just not compatible in my home setup. Any help appreciated otherwise might have to switch (no pun intended) to try the shelly thing instead.

Hello James,

I just bought 2 ZBMINI and can’t pair any of the two …
Have you finally solved your issue ?

I have Deconz and Conbee II stick.

Hey! Yeah, you need a hub to pair them. Mine showed up on my philips hue hub (not in the eweapp) in the end but I think others work as well - you might be able to check compatibility about the conbee (I think that is a hub?)