Zee-wave or Zed-wave? I need to correctly configure my pronunciation

So is it zee-wave or zed-wave? Watching youtubes, many non US’ers prounuce is zed-wave. Just wondering why.

In the UK, for example a ‘Z’ is pronounced Zed. In the US, its pronounced ‘Zee’. shrugs

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It literally just depends on which part of the world you live in.

Oh and BTW this has absolutely nothing to do with the zwave configuration. HA can’t hear how you pronounce it. :laughing:

Well, not unless you have the ‘Skynet’ integration.

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I know, lol. It was just my attempt to justify putting this in the configuration section.

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This∆. It depends where you live.

Well, I just actually thought of a situation where it might make a difference to HA.

If you have a switch, for example, called “zwave” then it could make a difference in the HA voice assistant app (I use Alexa) on how you pronounce it.

I had an issue a while back where I had a boolean in HA related to my CPAP machine that I turned on/off via voice. I needed to call it “See Pap” in the cloud setup because Alexa couldn’t get the acronym correct.

so depending on where you are you might need to call that switch “Zee Wave” or “Zed Wave” for Alexa to understand what you are talking about.

Not to mention that making it easier for “Skynet” to understand you is just plain good manners. :laughing:

How do you pronounce “Z” in Danish? That’s where it was created and named. :slight_smile:

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I’m in the UK and I say Zee-wave! I work on the basis that it is curious to pronounce names in the same way as the name is pronounced by the person or people it belongs too. I’m assuming that Z-wave is essentially American.

I wouldn’t call Dr Zzzz Dr Zeds.

Danish originally. But the Alliance was started in the US years after the standard was developed.