Zeebee Temperature sensor

I would like some advice, I am looking at getting a Temperature Sensor so that I can monitor the temperature in one of my rooms, but reading the spec on it, it is saying that I will need a Zigbee hub.

my question is: if I have a USB d Phoscon ConBee II The universal Zigbee USB gateway coordinator already and set up then will this do the same job as the zigbee hub the specs are talking about ?

the sensor I am looking at is Aqara WSDCGQ11LM from amazon and the second question I have: will it work with Home Assistant ?

Yes this sensor will work with ZHA or deCONZ. Once the sensor is paired and your hub is integrated in HA, it will be automatically added in HA.

This work great as I have a few. Just recently started playing with the Bluetooth switchbot and govee ones as they have a display for about the same price.

Just to clarify, “Zigbee hub” is marketing speak for Zigbee Coordinator. The Aqara range I believe are well supported by ZHA so you should be good to go.