Zemismart blinds - need help with flashing Tasmota


Recently bought a Zemismart windows blind motor, it works like a charm with Tuya app but goes through the OEM cloud. So tried flashing it with Tasmota using Tuya convert (using OTA) but it did not succeed and seems like it is a known problem as Tuya has patched their firmware.

So opened the unit and thought of trying the serial port option but the chip (see attached) seems to be lacking markings like TX, RX, VCC, GND and not sure what to make out of it. There are ports/GPIO that may do the job but I don’t know enough so hoping some expert may be able to advise if this board can be flashed and how to connect to a serial adapter.


Not sure if this is the case here, but I think recent Zemismart motors can’t be flashed.

Are these links relevant?

You could try the Local Tuya custom integration if you want to avoid the cloud:

This is the one - Zemismart Tuya WiFi Blind Driver with Battery Roller Shade Roman Blind Motor Alexa Google Assistant Voice Control RF|Automatic Curtain Control System| - AliExpress

Tuya Local seems like a good option, will try it out.

You can only flash Tasmota (or ESPHome and similar firmware for ESP based products) to devices that has a Espressif chips (ESP8285/ESP8266 or ESP32) in them as that is what those firmware are for.

Your pictures show it has a Geehy APM32 chip and a TI1310 chip. Nither of those chips are from Espressif, nor is any of those chips Zigbee either. CC1310 support Texas Instruments is a Sub-1 GHz wireless MCU (microcontroller with RF radio) that supports IEEE 802.15.4, Wireless M-Bus (T, S, C Mode), 6LoWPAN, MIOTY. and as such so it probably uses some proprietary RF protocol so not hacker friendly.

Thanks @Hedda it makes lot of sense and probably saved me from doing something stupid with the device :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If you still want to hack it then easist is probably to by-pass those chips and add your own ESP8285/ESP8266 (either as a bare module for clean and pretty install or a board like WeMos Di Mini which is easier to work with) and run a firmware on like either ESPHome or Tasmota on it. See example: https://blakadder.com/frankenstein-saturday-2/

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