Zemismart TB21 - Tasmota

Hi everyone,

I saw this smart light-switch from Zemismart, model TB21 (3-Gang):

It should have a TYWE3S chip in it so serial-flashing should be doable. I was wondering if anyone has it/tried it and what template has used.

I searched on blackadder’s tasmota template repository but I couldn’t find the exact model. The closest I found was this one https://templates.blakadder.com/zemismart_KS-811_3gang.html


Hello, @Murder3D !
I flashed the 3 gang TB23 yesterday. I configured the KS811 template and it didn’t work.
The option tha worked for me was the Milfra TB23 (Milfra 3 Gang Switch (TB23) Configuration for Tasmota).
An important information is that it lost the ability to turn on the green LEDs at night, but it works perfectly and turns on the red LEDs when turning on any of the 3 buttons.
I hope I helped you.

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Hi @HerbertVianna ,

yup, ended up using the same template (I only changed the name from “Milfra” to “Zemismart” before activating it.

I confirm that I too do not have the ability to turn on the green LEDs at night, but it is something that I would not want to have anyway (don’t want any LEDs on during night time).

Also, don’t know if this could be interesting to you or not, but upgrading to Tasmota 10.0.0 I noticed that every time I pressed a physical button on the switch, I had a green light turning on and then off, before switching to orange which is the default LED color for when the light is on.

Here’s a video of the issue: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Turns out that I had a wrong template configuration for Led and Led_i parameters:

I was told that multiple Led and Led_i parameters should have unique values, for example:

Led_i = 1
Led_i = 2
Led = 3
Led = 4

I solved the issue in the video by simply putting GPIO0 - Led_i - 4 and leaving all the others Led and Led_i as they were.

Now when I press any physical button on the switch it turns orange as before. Weird that this issue came up only with Tasmota 10.0.0 and not with Tasmota 9.5.0

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