Zemismart Updated Tuya zigbee Roller Shade Driver

have anyone tried these?

I am using one without remote and with battery (ZigBee Tuya Smart Life DIY Motorized Roller Blinds Shades Drive Motor Work With Alexa Google Home Smart Household Control|Home Automation Modules| - AliExpress) and it is working well

i would not order the remote either, for me zigbee means direct control from HA, oh well that is how i see it, i guess some would find the remote usefull

do you use deconz or phoscon (inside HA)?

EDIT: thanks for link, they have 2 warehouse in Europe so no extra tax

I am using cc2531 (tell me) but many routers across house

maybe someone that also use them can tell if it works directly with deconz/phoscon

i ask since i would like to avoid extra software to install

Did you order the Zemismart Updated Tuya zigbee Roller Shade Driver from your first post? I thinking about it, and would like to integrate it in home assistant aswell. I’m using a tasmota flashed sonoff zigbee bridge in HA.

I’m wondering I have one of these but still not clear of how to have the upper limit and lower limit set, any help appreciate