Zemismart Z1 Remote Control HD Touch Screen Zigbee WiFi BLE

Hi guys,

I came across this neat looking remote on AliExpress although not been able to find any support/integration with HA. Keen to purchase it but don’t want to be stuck with the Zemismart/Tuya app to use it.

Model number says Zemismart Z1 - a Google search of this doens’t show anything too different to what the AliExpress description says. It looks pretty good, claims to have Zigbee, WiFi, Infrared, and BLE connectivity. I’m only looking to use Zigbee and WiFi.

Anyone seen this before or can advise on it? I’m going to buy it anyway and will post updates once I receive it and have a chance to tinker with it.

Stay tuned…

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Looks like it just IR & WiFi and would be able to trigger zigbee devices if you have a tuya bridge.

WiFi and IR only according to specifications mentioned in the pictures. It does not claim to have Zigbee or BLE at all. Cleary states it need to go via an external Tuya gateway/bridge/hub for Zigbee and BLE:

Interesting, well I need to learn to read better for sure. Thanks for clarifying that!

So no way that it can use Home Assistant with Zigbee as the “hub”, instead of the Tuya hub?

I like this remote as well, but I have no interest in buying Tuya devices, since I already have other ecosystems connected together in HA. Is it possible to expose those non-tuya devices to tuya (either cloud or LocalTuya) in any way and then use that remote to control them?

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Hi I19bal,

Don’t bother with this remote.

I’ve just brought it as the same thought as you. Looks great, but it is made out of plastic. It has WIFI, IR and also Bluetooth. But the Bluetooth only works if you have the gateway to pair the remote to the gateway for the initial setup to send over the wifi details. I have also purchased the gateway too, hence my findings. I haven’t tried adding a Bluetooth device to the remote.

I can’t seem to get it connected to Home Assistant via the cloud or local tuya intergration, it show up but i can only select the remote as a switch or other devices but not as a remote. So at the moment its useless. Yes, once paired with the Tuya gateway it’s fine. You can add in your IR devices but you cant customise the button layouts or remove any unused buttons, even if you manually teach your remote. The remote is part of tuya eco system, unless you have other tuya devices to use the zigbee side, not sure about the Bluetooth or WIFI side. But i can’t control my Yamaha amp over wifi, but can via IR.

Physical button on the remote is to navigate for the LCD, or some device with the direction and the ok button works like TV.

To add devices you still need the tuya app, even if the remote is standalone or with the gateway. You can point the remote at a device and then use the tuya app on your phone to control the devices you have added, if you want. It’s a glorified IR blaster. Haha

If you want a good remote then you will have to harmony elite with the hub of ebay as they have discontinued it.

Oh it also don’t wake up if you left it up, you have to press the physical button.

Zemismart has a better remote LF-DS01, but yet i still think this will be part of tuya eco system. To bad, as that remote looks and has cool features but with a high price tag.

Just to add, for remote, Sofabaton u2 or x1 but i don’t if it supported under home assistant.



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I only received it recently, and you are 100% right - it’s not great at all and is limited to the Tuya ecosystem. I’m waiting for someone to ‘hack’ it, and figure out if we can upload Tasmota or something similar to have control of it. It’s a decent looking device (my wife saw it and liked it, which is the first time she’s said anything nice about my gadgets :smiley: )

The interface is simple, the touchscreen is OK. There’s barely any config options available.

I have looked at Sofabaton and it’s really nice! I’ve spent the money on this Zemismart Z1 remote so I’m going to spend the next few months figuring out a use for it.

Right so I took the gamble and opened it up, I see the tx and rx pins!

See attached pictures, any ideas on if we can flash this with Tasmota or something? I’m going to do some research and give it a try. Sacrificing my £95 purchase for our HA community :laughing:

Will let you know how I get on.

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Oh this would be so a wonderful device if we could add our own menu / screens and simply catch the button presses over Wifi …

It does not use an ESP32, the SoC is an ANYKA, which seem to be mainly used in webcams. There is some work going on in that area, so maybe once there is some basic code, someone could add support in ESPHome, but i would not hold my breath…

Yeah I’ve given up on this since the day I posted it…