Zemismart Z1 Remote Control HD Touch Screen Zigbee WiFi BLE

Hi guys,

I came across this neat looking remote on AliExpress although not been able to find any support/integration with HA. Keen to purchase it but don’t want to be stuck with the Zemismart/Tuya app to use it.

Model number says Zemismart Z1 - a Google search of this doens’t show anything too different to what the AliExpress description says. It looks pretty good, claims to have Zigbee, WiFi, Infrared, and BLE connectivity. I’m only looking to use Zigbee and WiFi.

Anyone seen this before or can advise on it? I’m going to buy it anyway and will post updates once I receive it and have a chance to tinker with it.

Stay tuned…

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Looks like it just IR & WiFi and would be able to trigger zigbee devices if you have a tuya bridge.

WiFi and IR only according to specifications mentioned in the pictures. It does not claim to have Zigbee or BLE at all. Cleary states it need to go via an external Tuya gateway/bridge/hub for Zigbee and BLE:

Interesting, well I need to learn to read better for sure. Thanks for clarifying that!

So no way that it can use Home Assistant with Zigbee as the “hub”, instead of the Tuya hub?

I like this remote as well, but I have no interest in buying Tuya devices, since I already have other ecosystems connected together in HA. Is it possible to expose those non-tuya devices to tuya (either cloud or LocalTuya) in any way and then use that remote to control them?