Zemismart zigbee roller shade integration without zemismart zigbee hub is possible?


I have the zemismart roller shade, battery powered, with ZigBee and without the zemismart ZigBee controller. I have HA with the conbee stick and deconz integration. It’s possible to integrate the roller shade without buy the zemismart ZigBee hub?.


Yes, I have several and although you ,might not get all data, for example I don’t see battery, as long as you set the upper and lower limits using the remote it’s fine.

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Dear itnasol,

Can you help me about how to integrate step by step?, because with deconz I tried to add as a switch but don’t find my device…


The first thing is to make sure it has not already been added to HA, check your Zigbee list if it is in there remove it.

Then you have to make sure the pairing is reset on the motor itself, so on mine I reset the motor by pressing the set key 5 times quickly. (Check your manual for this, on some it’s a hold for 10 seconds).

Each of these motors are slightly different annoyingly but they all work on a similar principle, you might have to refer to your manual.

1. Pair the remote that came with it.
	(On mine it was select a channel on the remote, I just left it on one. Press the 		 motor set key once, it should give you a Ding kind of sound, then press the up key 		 within 5 seconds…
2. Use the remote to set upper and lower limits. (On mine as follows)
   	A. Put blind in upper position using remote, press the set button (on mine this was 		   on the back of the remote) then press the up key on the remote.
  	B. Put blind in lower position using remote, press the set button (on mine this was 		   on the back of the remote) then press the down key on the remote.
4. Set the HA Zigbee discover mode, so it's searching for a device.
5. Press the set key on the motor.
6. You may have to hit the set key a couple of times while HA is searching, I had to do 	   it twice.

Hope this helps.

You use deconz and conbee zigbee stick?

Conbee stick but not deconz.

opsss, probably this is my problem, I’m using de deconz integration, I don’t use ZHA or zigbeetomqtt…

I don’t use MQTT, don’t need it, and although the ZHA is simple I have found it connects to anything and very stable I have over 120 devices.

Dear itnasol,

I deleted the deconz integration and intall the ZHA integration, I tried to perform all your steps, I press the set key but nothing appends in HA any device is added. If I try with a aqara thermometer it is added ok to ZHA, but impossible with the zemismart…

Any idea?

What model of motor is it?

It’s a Zemismart Blind Bear Chain Motor ZM85El-1Z

Ah ok with these you need to get HA in pairing mode, then press the motor set button once the quickly again and hold for a couple of seconds, what your looking for is a flashing light that stays for a minute or two.

Ohhh, it’s working now.

Thanks a lot itnassol!!!

No worries, glad I could help, could you please mark one of my replies as solved, that would be great… take care