Zemismart Zigbee wall switch and wireless switch with Conbee

I use a RPi 3b with HA and the Conbee II dongle. I have two switches

  • Zemismart Zigbee 3.0 wireles switch (3 gang)
  • Zemismart Zigbee wired wall switch

The wireless switch is registering as 3 lights in the Dconz app, and I can also see them in HA, but i can’t seem to get the to switch anything, not with HA and not with Node red. Strange it registeres as lights, since it’s a wireless switch, so you can’t turn it on.

The wall switch is not registering in the deconz app, although something seems to happen when i’m paring the switch. When deconz is in pairing mode and I longpress the switch to pair, it blinks a few seconds and then stops. When deconz is not in pairing mode and I try to pair the switch, it blinks for about a minute, so something seems to be happening when pairing to dconz.

Has anyone any experience with these devices? Is there a log somewhere that can give a clue? I have logging for the deconz set in the config file, but that dus not yield any results.

Apppreciate the help.

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Unfortunately I have the same experience with the Zemismart wireless switch as you do - my 2-gang shows up as two lights. I connect Node Red to deCONZ/Phoscon using node-red-contrib-deconz. I can get current state info, but no events seem to get fired.

It looks like there’s a related request on the deCONZ github page - https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/issues/2879 seems to be the wired switch.

Is there potential for these switches to be able to be controlled directly with ZHA/zigbee2mqtt/etc in the future? They’re really the only multi gang switches I’m finding right now.