ZEN24 with ZwaveJS2MQTT

Does anyone else have the ZEN24 (a zooz dimmer switch) and are trying to use ZwaveJS2MQTT addon? It doesn’t seem to be recognizing the device. I can operate the device on and off, but no configuration options come up at all. It also says unknown manufacturer and product. The ZwaveJS docs say it is possible to import a config from OZW however I’m not sure about how exactly to do that when using the addon.

The Zooz configurations haven’t been added yet, but they should still function without the manufacturer details. I believe there was already a task in ZWaveJS to get them added (and in fact, was already in progress).

I went ahead and set up ZWaveJS with my ~20 Zooz switches (mostly ZEN24 dimmers), and they all work perfectly fine. In fact, they work significantly better than on the OZW setup so far.

I’m assuming (hoping) that once the device specs are added, it’ll just work without any changes to my system.

Yeah mine function okay, but I just bought a couple and I need to update the configuration parameters. ZwaveJS2MQTT has a nice control panel to do that with, interestingly ZEN23 seems to have its config options populated but ZEN24 does not. I also agree, everything seems very snappy with this new zwave setup, I am happy overall.

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