ZEN27 Dimmer Light Switch (Brightness/Temperature)

ZEN27 Dimmer Light Switch (Brightness/Temperature)

Control a RGBW/RGB+CCT/CCT light with Zooz ZEN27 dimmer light switch (connected via Z-Wave JS)


  • Press Up/Down button once to turn light on/off
  • Hold Up/Down button to gradually increase/decrease brightness
  • Press Down button, then hold Up button to gradually increase color temperature to be warmer
  • Press Up button, then hold Down button to gradually decrease color temperature to be cooler

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

GitHub: hass-custom/zen27_repeat-held.yaml at 2c44b26d616c5ba9a7633a78f3965b9adb5af211 · sans-1/hass-custom · GitHub

I created this blueprint after finding many ZEN27 blueprints, none of which supported dimming by holding down the up/down paddle buttons, which I believe to be the core functionality you want out of a dimmer switch.

This blueprint is targeted at controlling a smart light capable of white color temperature, since I wanted to be able to change the light’s white color temperature as easily as I change the light’s brightness. So please ensure the light device you want to control has the color_temp attribute, which you can check under Developer Tools > States.

You will need to create an input_text helper, but this is easily done from Configuration > Helpers. – Make sure to update the new input_text helper’s length to 250 characters. (The input_text is used to store the last switch event that triggered the automation.)


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