Zero Entities show in an Area

None of my Areas have Entites in them, just Devices. If I go to the Device and look at its entities, they appear to be linked to the Area, but don’t show that way in the Area UI. The strange thing is, if I try to change the entity’s Area to the same one its listed as, it shows up in the Area, but then gives the option to have the Entity “follow device area” even though they are the same.

Is this the correct way to configure Areas, or does it work differently?

Note: also not sure if this is a bug with the new enhancements with Areas in 2021.12 or if its something I hadn’t noticed in the past and is now just more apparent with the new Area UI.

Imagine you have an alarm panel device.

It is assigned to the Basement area.

The alarm panel device has many entities, predominately contact and motion sensors distributed throughout the house.

You would not want all of these entities to be automatically assigned to the alarm panel device’s area (Basement). You want each entity to be assignable to its own area.

That’s why a device’s entities are not automatically assigned to the device’s area.

Thanks! That makes sense. I was mostly confused about why Entities had by default the same Area as the device but were not showing in the Area, but I didn’t consider the case of something like an Alarm with a bunch of sensors.