Zero motorcycle owners rejoice!

Boris Schaedler was kind enough to add a feature to his ZeroSpy Android app to allow it to call a web service with JSON data.

This means that we no longer have to rely on an Internet connection to monitor the battery charging of a Zero motorcycle by just using a webhook.

I posted in GitHub a few screenshots with some explanations to integrate it into Home Assistant.
Thanks to a Zigbee plug, I can now recharge my battery to 80% by default and ask a full charge if I plan a longer ride over the weekend.
Visualizing the state of charge on Lovelace is now a piece of cake:


One of the advantages of this forum is watching what tech other users have, and learning what is around. I will therefore leave this url, and say COOL!

awesome indeed :slight_smile: I have a timer in HA that I set manually each time to stop at 80%.

I would really want ESP32 with Bluetooth connectivity to the bike (initially i was planning on connecting one to the odb port, but realized its going to be annoying to plug/unplug BT seems better choice (where you can put it under the chair or something)

Hi, I am trying to implement this, I have my phone set up and copied your yaml into automations but I had to create the input_numbers and input_booleans manually to be able to see them and none of them seem to be the actual battery voltage. Have I done it the correct way?

Hi Stephen.
Can you get the actual values in ZeroSpy ?
If so, debug the automation by sending a message containing the values of the variables (what, soc, connected and valid) upon receiving a call from ZeroSpy in Home Assistant so you’ll know whether your automation is being fed with proper data.
I added two files for you to see how the boolean and numbers were set.