Zerotier integration

Hello everyone,

I’ve been lately successfully using as an excellent alternative to grant access to my various devices on different networks, and since I’m kind of wary of opening ports on my router (or even when I don’t have this power!), I’d like to request the community to support my request.

It’d be a valid and simple alternative to port forwarding, VPNs or SSH tunnels. Check it out!

ZeroTier engineer here. If there’s anything we can do to help support an integration be sure to let us know. I’m particularly interested in seeing ZT move into this space.

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Hi there. I am interested in Zerotier too, as I am connected to the IPv4 Internet via DS-Lite only, and hence cannot use normal VPN or port forwarding to access home assistant from on the road.

Now I’m running Home Assistant as well as ZeroTier on a raspberry pi, and when away, I can access the raspberry pi via ssh over Zerotier without a problem.

However, when pointing my browser (I tried both Safari and Chrome on Mac) to view my Home Assistant webpage, the page never fully loads. Only a blank white page and a light blue stripe at the top appear. Nothing more. I played around with the http section in the config, even deleting everything except http: in configuration.yaml, but without success. Does anyone have any idea what could be the issue here? Do you currently have a setup like this running successfully cinghialino?


I’ve only just started using hassio, but ZeroTier support would be great for me. Is there any news on this, or even a recommended way of using it on hassio today?

Anyone continue with this topic??? right now i´m using ZeroTier with HA and I´m very glad with this virtual WAN, now i can access remotely to my HA, but i can use IFTTT because i don’t have a public IP, any thoughts how i can solve this???

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The main issue is that ZierTier is not really making an effort to get their software into the major distributions. They ship their own packages out of a repo but that’s better than nothing.

At the moment the only option would be to create a Add-on.

did you hear that @jah6q?

Played around with the idea of a ZeroTier Add-on. Unfortunately this will not work. It seems that there is no support for arm (no builds for Alpine and not present for Fedora) available. Too bad.

It’s definitely possible. Here’s the proof:

I’m using it and it’s working great. But it’s so hard to find and badly documented that I’m a little concerned. I’m using Hassio on a Rpi3.

how do you install this? sorry I’m new.

The most reason is my poor English. I created this add-on for china HASS users, so don’t write document by English.

The v1.1.0 version updated document, I hope it can help the users of this add-on.

U can add to your add-on store to install.

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That’s amazing!

Thanks for reaching to us. Your English seems more than fine. If you continue to write changelogs or guides, I’m sure people will gladly fix any mistakes you could make.

Thank you for your work on this addon, it’s what makes it possible for me to use HA outside my network.

Hi. I have a problem with zerotier - I’ve configured hassio with the integration. It shows it connects to zerotier network. But I have no way to access it, either via local or remote IPs.

I can connect to the same zerotier network in iphone in Ipad, all devices are authorised. the connection to hassio worked in the beginning. Now I cannot find any way to connect to hassio.

Any idea what to do? How to connect?