ZeverCloud in HA

Hi, I have solar panels and a zeversolar inverter. I like to add them to HA. I contacted zeversolar and they said I can do that via the api key. I have the api key but no idea how to use is in HA. Anyone with a zeversolar inverter succesfully added it to HA?

Hi, if u still don’t manage i can help u
i have node.js docker container which downloads data from zevercloud and uploads them in json formats to my mqtt server


I’ve managed to add it to my HA via a GitHub config in my config yaml. Is uses the home.cgi value from the inverter but the values are completely off. Yesterday it showed 30 kWh production while it should only be like 2 kWh. Are your values correct?

Yes, my values are correct - same as on the zevercloud website.
I have some specific firmware version in the inverter that does not return data to home.cgi, so I had to extract it in a different way
finally I get data in JSON format

{"sid":xxxxx,"ludt":"2023-01-12 15:37:09","status":"0","E-Today":{"unit":"KWh","value":6.2},"E-Month":{"unit":"KWh","value":30.0},"E-Total":{"unit":"MWh","value":21.34},"TotalYield":{"unit":"zł","value":11436.85},"CO2Avoided":{"unit":"T","value":21.34},"Power":{"unit":"W","value":0.0},"E-Year":{"unit":"KWh","value":23.8}}